Dealing with Discomfort: The Short Course

Kessuda Boonngamanong, Yosuda: Awakening Space Can you think of a recent moment when you felt mentally or physically uncomfortable? Maybe you felt an Read More

How to use Mindfulness and Enneagram for Self Realization and Liberation?

Part 1. How can Mindfulness and Enneagram help you to discover your main personality? ---- The Enneagram is a powerful and profound tool for studying Read More

Letting go of our breath is the art of life

The circle of life has a rhythm - trees drop their leaves and must wait to put forth new buds in spring. Some animals slough to replenish new skin and Read More

The More Challenges in Life, the More Opportunities You Have to Live Fully in the Moment.

I often hear people share about challenges in their mindfulness practice. Challenges tend to fall into these categories: Time limit Traveling No Read More

Dealing with Cancer by Developing Self-Awareness and Mindfulness

Interview with Oratai Chafu, the storyteller of the book Today is the Gift of Life: experiences with cancer and care of the dying. How did your learning Read More

We design our world

Nothing and nobody can design our inner world except our own thoughts and actions. Thoughts influence and affect our emotions and body feelings. So Read More

Savor Your Yoga Moments

Yoga practitioners and students may be interested in yoga for different reasons and likely have different goals and expectations. Exploring and learning Read More

Falling leaves. Springing leaves.

Of everything that fades away, something new comes. This is the natural cycle of nature. Every phenomenon gives human beings lessons and awareness of rebirth, Read More

From fine sand to a beautiful beach….

Our lives are like fine grains of sand that carry their own value, whether or not we discover that value. Some of us are never aware of our own potential Read More

Bliss breathing

What is true happiness? Many people have asked that question, me included. Others have found different answers. For me, the answer is in my breathing. When Read More