Biography - Yosuda


1985 – 1988 Vice President of Buddhist Art of Living Club, Chiang Mai University, Thailand. Kessuda had the opportunity for intensive learning and practice of different kinds of mindfulness,i.e, vipassana meditation, yoga, natural therapy, Tai Chi, dialogue groups, etc. She conducted many exhibitions and activities to help students search for the meaning of their lives, selves, and spiritual development. Started teaching yoga and meditation in University and as a volunteer yoga instructor for hospital staff members, nurses, and non-profit organizations.

1988 – 1998 Upon graduation, she started working in public relations and community service working with media, writing, magazine production, and a range of activities to instill corporate loyalty among workers and clients. She did work for the younger generation by coordinating with children and youth organizations focused in areas of social and environmental development and health. This included environmental training in bird watching, helping to train and set up bird watching clubs, promoting organic vegetable growing community relations, and voluntary work.

1999 – 2003 She became well known as a yoga instructor in the studio and on television. She published six books on yoga and one book about children. This work and her yoga activities brought her national recognition in mindfulness and yoga circles.

2001 – 2002 She was an Adjunct Professor of Indian Philosophy, specializing in Yoga theory and practice at the Anthropology Faculty, Srinakharintarawirote Prasanmith University, Bangkok, Thailand.

2002 – 2003 She Conducted team research titled “A New Paradigm for How to Learn to be Healthy” for the Ministry of Public Health in Thailand. Also qualified as an Enneagram teacher with The Enneagram Thailand Institution.

2004 – 2011 She was a School President and Foundation President. She worked on alternative education, trained in peace education based on Montessori pedagogy and became part of the core management team of PitiSuksa Chiang Rai Montessori School in Chiang Rai, Thailand. also translated one book about Montessori education.

2005 – 2014 She ran a home-stay style therapy where she taught various methods of mindfulness, yoga, and Enneagram. The yoga practice was used to enhance therapy in combination with mindfulness meditation and Enneagram as well as counseling to help restore physical and mental balance for clients in Thailand, Asia, Europe and the Americas.

2009 – 2013 She was a Program Director and Life Coach at New Life Foundation in Thailand, an international mindfulness recovery community. The foundation gives refuge to those with a history of abuse and drug use, mental fatigue, stress, depression and relationship issues. She created “The Learning Center” as well as the philosophy and mission of the organization. In addition, she designed their mindfulness program which included meditation, yoga therapy, Enneagram, art and group therapies, counseling, and therapy through the practice of natural farming. Her working approach has been used and adapted to suit the community.

2011 – 2013 She Trained in many courses on self-discovery, mental development, and how to restore life balance and joy including compassionate sharing (non-violence communication), voice dialogue, denial management, creative workshop, life coaching to enhance life power, dance therapy, writing therapy, art therapy, etc. She has synthesized all of this experience into knowledge that allows her to meet the particular needs of different individuals and groups. She has published many articles about mindfulness and yoga.

2014- present Since coming to the US in 2014, Kess has been diligently acquiring US-approved certification for her major areas of expertise. In addition to her internationally recognized Yoga Instructor certification, she has completed certificates in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, Life Coaching, and Enneagram for Professionals. She is currently a candidate for certification in Yoga Therapy.