Peaceful Mind, Awakened Life - Yosuda

Peaceful Mind, Awakened Life

Peaceful Mind, Awakened Life

• Provides a step-by-step approach to taking charge of your mind with a variety of mindfulness and meditation techniques, including the author’s original TRAIN method.

• Helps develop emotional intelligence skills by offering tools to learn how to be aware of and handle emotions healthily.

This book offers a direct, accessible and practical introduction to the basic concepts of mindfulness and the value of incorporating them into one’s daily life. The author’s philosophy is presented in a genuinely relatable way, which readers will find both comforting and inspiring. The book provides a thorough and detailed guide to handling life’s more difficult moments using TRAIN, a new take on the established RAIN practice.

The step-by-step practice set forth in this self-help book feels natural, intuitive and unintimidating. Readers build confidence in their ability to free their minds through easy-to-follow exercises that become progressively more advanced. In addition, beyond exploring technique, they will come to understand that the symbiosis between the mind, heart and body causes stress to be experienced systemically. This, in turn, makes the need for finding relief that much more essential.

Personal anecdotes from the author and others who have learned the TRAIN approach illustrate the real-life impact and transformational experiences that it affords. Ultimately, this gentle and personal guide to self-understanding and empowerment makes the goals set forth feel very achievable and immensely valuable to improving one’s everyday quality of life.

This concise book will prove beneficial both for those new to mindfulness practice and those who wish to deepen and expand their practice to achieve greater harmony. The book concludes with a unique discussion of Mahasati mindfulness practice involving rhythmic movement, which is often especially useful for those who find it challenging to remain totally still during meditation.

If you are the one who is:

  • Struggling with anxiety, stress, depression and/or anger
  • Looking for ways to deal with emotions in a healthy way (increased emotional intelligence)
  • Ready to cultivate self-awareness, self-care and self-esteem
  • Interested in techniques to tame and better understand their mind through the practice of mindfulness.
  • Finding tool to take in charge your own mind, to make a choice that take care of your needs and values.
  • Developing concentration skill.

How is this book valuable?

“There are many guides out there on mindfulness and its benefits, but few are as clear and practical as Kessuda’s Peaceful Mind, Awakened Life. Especially useful are Kessuda’s real-life examples of the ways that mindfulness can be applied to our everyday lives through the practical exercises at the end of each chapter. These ensure that the reader will not only grasp but apply the concepts they’ve learned, constantly learning and developing their ability to work with their body and mind. An excellent guide for those wanting to learn the practice of mindfulness, as well as for those wishing to deepen their existing knowledge of this powerful tool for transformation.”

Zuisei Goddard, Zen meditation Teacher, and author of “Still Running”.