Endorsements - Yosuda

Tamara Freilich

Law Clerk, Philadelphia, USA

Kessuda has truly changed my life. Through my work with her based the Enneagram techniques, she has given me back peace and mental clarity I never knew I could have. She is more than just a therapist, she is a compassionate and gifted healer and teacher. She has helped me discover where my blind spots in myself are, where my habitual patterns lead me, and how I can learn to recognize them before they get out of control. I have never felt such profound freedom from myself. I have been to many therapists before but have never found the sense of personal empowerment Kessuda’s techniques give me. This is so unique to Kessuda’s work. I feel like I am the one who now has control over my unwieldy mind instead of the reverse. I feel I can temper my anxiety into something productive. I talked about her so much that my boyfriend decided to start working with her too and he too was in awe of her work. I cannot thank her enough for all she has done for me.in

John Slinger


I’m currently working with Kessuda with her Yosuda practice. Prior to starting this endeavor, we spoke on her practice and utilizing the Enneagram to understand oneself and others. Her methods and compassion were major reasons for choosing her as a teacher. She uses her extensive knowledge of yoga with mindfulness. She has also introduced me to the Enneagram which allows one to see how personality forms our thinking and behavior. Our sessions were specifically developed to meet my needs. As many therapists/teachers understand, she attends to the student’s present conditions. As someone with physical challenges, we work slowly and methodically on developing safe effective postures to improve mobility, strength, and balance with conscious attention. I have practiced meditation but found that by using mindful yoga, I was able to stay present for longer periods. Kess is an authentic and empathic teacher who provides unconditional positive regard. She has imbued me with confidence which promoted self-esteem and competency. This has led to feelings of wellbeing and motivated an increased desire to explore Yosuda.

Kessuda is an experienced teacher, coach, and counselor that can help those seeking to be more present and desire a deeper understanding of themselves and others.

Jennifer Fong

Graduate Student - Education, Albany, USA

Kessuda, is a lovely and patient teacher with many years of experience teaching yoga, meditation, and personal development. Her home is very peaceful and has a calming atmosphere. I first went to her for mindful yoga, which made me slow down, giving me the opportunity to listen to what was going on inside my body more. She also introduced me to Enneagram. It was here I learned about my personality, helping me to identify behaviors I wasn’t even aware of and meet my strengths and weaknesses with a greater compassion. Over the course of a few months, I felt like I approached relationships with those closest to me with new eyes and understanding, especially during times when I felt like getting upset or withdrawing to my introverted side. I instead tried to take a moment to be more aware of where I was coming from – applying some techniques I learned from our lessons – and practiced seeing the other person’s perspective. When I would think negative or unhelpful thoughts, I would notice how I responded and behaved…becoming more aware of this has helped me to gradually change my normal reactions to situations, and has improved my relationships with others, especially my partner. Kess has been extremely patient and is experienced in this field. She asks important questions during our classes without being judgmental or too prescriptive, and listens to me fully. I would definitely recommend her to anyone interested in learning more about themselves or improving their relationships.

Carole Lee

RNHP - Registered Natural Health Practitioner & RNC Registered Nutritional Counselor, Canada

Over the past 10 years I have experienced several “styles” of yoga – Ashtanga, Iyengar, Vinyasa flow – all have their own virtues. I enjoyed them all but somehow never “connected” or felt strongly the mind/body union that is the premise of yoga. Meditation and pranayama have also been very difficult for me in spite of trying many different techniques. Kess has guided me to a pure yoga practice that has allowed me to finally feel that union. Asana as meditation – meditation as asana. Slowing down to breath and always remembering “not to much and not to less” and “ listen in to your body” This new awareness has been even further heightened and enhanced by an introductory study of the Enneagram – a self-discovery and spiritual development tool. With Kess’s guidance and gentle encouragement, I have new insight into my true nature, both positive and negative (unhealthy) characteristics. Indeed with this introductory study, I have already started to release old patterns and awaken “me” – the one I seemed to have lost this past year.

I am grateful to Kess for her quiet way, her gentle teachings and her understanding and sharing of the natural character of each individual.

She is a wonderful teacher and guide. I Am so grateful every day for the opportunity I have had to travel and especially for the Universe sending me to study with my dear friend, for new friendships and new insights in my life!

Michel Geoffroy

Osteopatist and Physiotherapist, France

Kessuda’s yoga…A gracious figures, a soothing voice, relax, cool…a sensible speech, a reasonable thought, a positive approach of the life, a very deep conviction in her education of yoga. First, I discovered the utility to begin the lesson with a joint preparation. Then, we breathe at each moment, before

practicing and during the exercises, and all the movements- are escorted with the air, with the abdomen, the diaphragm and the chest…The respiration help me sometimes to do the exercises which seemed to me difficult. With calm and many patience, Kessuda guide us in the right direction to be more efficient…She manages with precision.So, it was indeed a very good experience, even a short time but very nice and fine. I was tired, but happy to meet Kessuda’s Yoga, the only person I know who give to the hours the speed of the minutes!!!!

Kathy Fagan

ESL Teacher and Private Language Coach, PA, USA

Kess has extensive training and experience with yoga, mindfulness, nonviolent communication, Enneagram coaching and much more. She is an alert and sensitive teacher/coach who listens deeply and then offers help that is customized to my personal needs. I didn’t know anything about Enneagram study and was a little skeptical about it, but Kess doesn’t use it to pigeonhole anyone. She asks me to observe my behaviors and my interactions with others and then we use the Enneagram as a framework for discussing my observations. It has opened my eyes to alternatives to my habitual way of seeing things. In considering how my friends, family and coworkers might view a situation, I see ways to potentially strengthen and improve my relationships. This has helped me to develop compassion and a more flexible way of thinking. Speaking of flexibility, one day I came to our session with a lot of back pain. Even though I don’t know any yoga, Kess led me through a few simple moves that brought me immediate relief. She was patient and gentle and I could sense her long experience in working with people in pain. She is truly a caring and experienced teacher and I highly value our time together

Yotsawasdee L.

Multidisciplinary Designer / Master of Tri-Sector Collaboration Student, Thailand

From the bottom of my heart, learning myself through enneagram has revealed the potential I could push myself to achieve for both my career and personal life since I have discovered the strengths and weaknesses of my personalities. With the right method and right guide, I have compromised to accept bad characteristics of myself and was also encouraged to make changes in my own terms. Enneagram did not force me to change but on the contrary, it tells me politely if I would like to change. Enneagram did not change me but I did, and I was able to do so because someone has understood me 🙂 Finally, I would not be able to get the best out of enneagram and myself without the help of my beloved enneagram guide, Khun Kru (teacher) Kess. I am very thankful for your kindness and patience in talking me to eventually share what has stuck in my mind. I have never ever felt before that I could frankly open up to someone without being worried if I would be judged or defined. Thank you for your expertise. Thank you for your understanding. I am still working with myself every day. Let’s keep our fingers crossed to both of us! :))


Chargée de communication chez Musée-Château d'Annecy, France

I met Kessuda in 2009. I wanted to learn yoga far from home. I met the right person at the right time. I do highly recommend Kessuda skills for yoga, but more than that, she is a very inspiring person. Her way of life, her serenity and empathy “font du bien” in French: it does feel good! It is a deep and strong strength that develops itself thanks to Kessuda’s teachings.

Since we met, I have not stopped practicing yoga and meditation.

I was very happy to go back to Thailand in 2013 and to Chiang Rai in the New Life Foundation to join Kessuda for another few days of calm and joy.

Kessuda also initiated me to enneagram which is a true discovery, a powerful tool in everyday life.

I look forward to spending some time with her again

Paula Golding-Ahap

International Marketing Project Officer / Freelance Project Consultant, Australia

I met Kessuda in 2011 whilst I embarked on an exploration of yoga and Enneagram in Northern Thailand. During this period, she ran yoga retreat homestays and also operated as a Mindfulness Program Adviser to the New Life Foundation also located in Northern Thailand. Kessuda was my Yoga Teacher/Trainer and Enneagram Teacher/Facilitator and she approached both roles with professionalism and warmth. She has a rich passion for her work and in teaching and preparing others for life. Kessuda’s extensive international experience has armed her with strong cross-cultural communication skills that have enabled her to successfully engage and work with an extensive international client/student base. With a very strong work ethic and passion for yoga, Enneagram, natural therapies, meditation and Thai culture, she is, in my opinion, one of the best yoga, meditation and Enneagram teachers that I have ever met. My time in Thailand with Kessuda will always remain a true highlight in my life and an experience that I will never forget.”

Paula Golding-Ahap, Australia

Jacques Arnaud

Responsable technique des formations chez Ingenico, France

I mt Kate when in New Life Foundation and enter a 2 weeks lifecoaching camp. I was impressed how much she could listen, remember, and reflect, with tremendous amount of insight and loving kindness. It was an integration of all the therapy and meditation technique that I have practices before and the more deep changing process I ever went in.

Kelly Morris, CCE

Editor at Great Pacific Television

I came to Kessuda at an important junction in my life while I was in Thailand in 2011. Though her guidance I was able to dig deep to what I loved and where my strengths lay. She suggested I teach yoga, having practiced it for 15 years. I prepared, sat and meditated, and when I opened my eyes a class was before me and my life transformed. She brought me together with others and encouraged me to play once again. I had two stories running about my life, and only one was the healthy choice, and this is what Kess encouraged – she believed in me when I was doubting myself. Today, I couldn’t imagine a better life. My relationships and career are amazing, I am president of a national organization, and I am doing with my life what I had always visualized for myself. Life isn’t always easy, but whenever I doubt myself I think of those moments with Kess at that meditations space overlooking the mountains near Chiang Rai, and remember that crossroads are ever-present, and it’s always possible to take the right path and create the good story.

Maxim Tabachink

Student at University of California, Santa Cruz

I have taken yoga and Enneagram training with Kessuda and highly recommend her. Her gentle calming presence is precious and leaves a long-lasting impact. Her yoga style is also gentle, calming and deeply therapeutic. It takes an experienced teacher to get help with your personality via Enneagram and Kessuda is your guide to this insightful system of self-knowledge. On top of that, she has become a friend and supported me in difficult life situations

Saipin Paihes

Own employ, France

I never knew before that people should have “awareness.” I never knew what sati (mindfulness practice) meant? Even though I’m a Buddhist, I never practiced the correct meditation or mindfulness, never knew how to control my breath and how to practice mindfulness yoga.

I got to know all of this when I got to know Kess. Kess always asked me questions and guided me to see by myself how our body is affected from our thoughts and emotions. She also helped me get in touch deeply with my inner selves through daily homework and daily mindfulness practice. I’m learning to observe my emotions and my body feelings. I also use breathing techniques to help me slow down my body’s actions. Within only a few months I’m slowly changing from a short tempered and irrational person to be more calm and thoughtful person. I accept, respect and listen to others better. I’m learning about deep listening from Kess. To be aware, think before acting and learn to share my thoughts, my feelings, my needs and my vulnerability more with the important people in my life. In the beginning, when I started working with Kess, I only cried and had anger towards my partner. Kess shares new ways to look at things and act with my issues. I learn to know and deal about my anger, and how to take care of my needs and understand others’ needs as well.

Everyday I can find the healthy way to deal with my family issues. I’ve learned to ask myself daily: why don’t we use mindfulness rather than emotions? Change our spite to have sympathy for that person instead? Since the day I got to know Kess, I‘ve always had a rich experience. She is a very good therapist, counselor and good model. Whatever, she teaches or shares, she does and lives her life as an example. I learn a lot from her life style and the way she deals with difficulty in her life. She helps me to realize that we can’t get everything we expect. Permanence is impermanence and we need to be able to accept it. I need to keep positive and change my own actions then everything will get better.

Matthew Freedman

Lawyer, CA, USA

I really appreciate this opportunity to learn more about the Enneagram. Kess is a very kind and knowledgeable teacher. She clearly cares about her students and wants to help each person discover the truth about themselves. She has extreme patience and emanates a calm, self-possessed personal aura. She is open to whatever the student wants to discuss and does not try to prevent the exploration of any topic. Kess is a healer and a wise soul.


Toronto, Canada

Enneagram brought a new found awareness of my true inner character. By realizing and accepting my character, I have opened myself to the freedom of living in accordance with my values, recognizing unhealthy behaviors and the pursuit of true happiness. Kess also helped my boyfriend and I to better understand each other and how to best support one another. Our relationship has been taken to new depths, one in which we see and love one another for who we really are. Thank you Kess for your loving spirit, your kindness, and your grace.”

Jabu Munalula

M.D. Surgeon, South Africa

Enneagram confirmed what my life had already showed me, that I am a Peacemaker, a Healer, a Comforter.

I was surprised to realize how much of my life was driven by my desire to please others. I have been very frustrated with life because, even after doing all the right things I could not find happiness or peace of mind. I realize now, that this is because I lost myself a long time ago. I lost touch with who I am and what I want. I hid myself from pain and neglected my needs. I have paid a heavy cost for my laziness. Laziness to find who I am laziness to be in touch with real life, choosing instead to live in a happy fantasy where nothing can really go wrong and nothing can really touch me. I avoided anything that threatened to make me feel. I have lived on the surface of life. But i am ok with this now, because I have a way forward that I believe in. My work now is to love myself, to stop living in the personality I have created and see myself for what I truly am. My second task is to respect and trust myself so that I can assert myself. The love I find will be my motivation. I am searching now for this being to love. Thank you, for taking guiding me through part of my process.

Daorung Klobran

HR Director at SME ERP It Consulting Co., Ltd, Thailand

My world felt so blue but after I opened my mind and accepted this part of me, not denied it or ignored it or run away from it, there was sunshine in my heart and that remains until now. This world is so bright, I feel very light and free.

I keep learning to be aware of my automatic thoughts and practice according to the advice of Kess.

It was difficult in the beginning, as I couldn’t get used to it.

Since I tried many times it got easier. Slowly, through daily practice, I came to understand my emotions better and gain a better idea about who I am. Now, I admire and love myself more.

I get along with friends better. I can handle my kids much easier and my husband tells me much more frequently that he loves me.

The most important thing is that I’m happier; The tool that Kess gave me it likes a mirror and shows me how to use it to see my true self. It helps me to see myself more clearly, and it makes me braver and happier. It also helps me to change the habits that gave me relational problems. I’m thankful to Kess who gave me a new life and made me a new person. What I have learned, money could never buy. To learn to know yourself is a beautiful value for life, even if someone gave me 10 million dollars, that could not change me in the same way.

Doctor Watcharin, Doctor Manis Ratanamas,

Siriraj Hospital and Krung Thon Buri Hospital

Better than thousands days of deligent study is one day with a great teacher

Robert Lutey

I was experiencing especially acute anxiety from facing a situation that I feared intensely. With Kessuda’s guidance, the TRAIN process helped me to face that fear as something impermanent, momentary—like all experiences—and to understand how my mind obsesses over the future instead of living in the moment, the only time we have. With her guidance, I have continued the practice of TRAINing my mind to recognize the thoughts and patterns that have repeatedly governed my emotions and behavior for much of my life.

While change does not come instantly or without struggle, I feel I am able to see my thoughts more objectively—with less emotion—and to decide whether to “jump in a particular car” and let it take me for a bumpy ride or to just let it pass by as one of many cars racing through my consciousness that have been the source of unhappy “rides” for years.

Through the TRAIN process, I have learned to pay closer attention to situations where I intend to accomplish a task or longer-term goal but feel anxious or reluctant to start. In these cases, I try to stop and check in with my thoughts to find out what inner dialogue is actually leading me to procrastinate and avoid moving forward. It might be as simple as feeling overwhelmed with the need to get everything right—the need for perfection—and therefore, I become paralyzed. Or it might be a fear of the future that my “doing” will lead to, with all its uncertainties and possible negative outcomes.

I’m now practicing to recognize these unhealthy, unproductive thoughts, accept them for what they are, and then let them go—at least enough to take concrete action steps, one by one, in the present. I also experience the feeling of accomplishment that comes from achieving not just an overall goal but a series of smaller, day-to-day tasks that contribute to one’s sense of gratification for being alive. It may sound cliché, but I truly feel that the journey is more important than the destination, and I need to be on a journey, to be in a river flowing forward by my conscious choice, not governed by some ancient, unconscious and stultifying instinctual survival pattern.

Antony Marino

Kessuda has helped me understand self-compassion and the value of checking in on myself. As someone who’s been managing OCD and depression for many years, she provides a fresh and effective process that’s helped me stay present, distance myself from automatic negative thinking, and better understand my values and needs.