Life Coaching

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My Skill and Experience for Life Coaching.

Not only do I have knowledge of human nature, but I’m twice certified for life coaching as well. One of my abilities is to be fully in the moment, and able to witness, recognize and understand, as well as empathize with, the thoughts of others – without being judgmental, biased or critical. With an open heart and mind, I accept you as you are. I consistently see the strengths of my clients – even when they challenge me. I help my customers to understand, accept, love and appreciate themselves, and can assist them to find balance in their life and deal with their mind and body. As a mindfulness practitioner and instructor, my experience spans over twenty years and includes many styles of meditation, vipassana and yoga. I love to study philosophy, psychology, humanity and spirituality to better understand human behavior and to take care of one’s emotions, mind and body. My studies include yoga, Ayurveda, The Enneagram, Voice Dialogue, Nonviolent Communication, Neohumanism, Buddhism, and Montessori Philosophy and Method. With skills acquired as the president of a Montessori school, and a mother, I have the ability to work with parents, teachers, and children of various ages.

I can help you in these areas :

  • Couple counseling
  • Relationship problems
  • The ability to communicate better
  • A chance to build confidence and esteem
  • Self-development and finding your potential
  • Ways to figure out your life direction
  • Self-understanding or self-actualization
  • Difficulties in life
  • Stress, anxiety or grief
  • Frequent conflicts
  • Health problems related to emotions
  • Unhealthy negative habits
  • Dealing with trauma