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Peaceful Mind, Awakened Life

Peaceful Mind, Awakened Life

• Provides a step-by-step approach to taking charge of your mind with a variety of mindfulness and meditation techniques, including the author’s original TRAIN method.

• Helps develop emotional intelligence skills by offering tools to learn how to be aware of and handle emotions healthily.

This book offers a direct, accessible and practical introduction to the basic concepts of mindfulness and the value of incorporating them into one’s daily life. The author’s philosophy is presented in a genuinely relatable way, which readers will find both comforting and inspiring. The book provides a thorough and detailed guide to handling life’s more difficult moments using TRAIN, a new take on the established RAIN practice.


Teach your child to learn to know by themselve

This book tells stories from Kessuda’s daughter, Lamtharn, and is full of stories, conversations, and viewpoints from and for children two to six years old. The book gives techniques in talking with and caring for one’s children as well as giving value to a child’s natural development.

(Currently only available in Thai.) Length 140 x 185 x 8 MM.
It is a Health Clinic Book from the Amarin Group. ISBN: 97897

Turning into Blooming Flowers

This handbook for children 6 to 13 years old emphasizes knowledge about and the adorability of nature, as well as general knowledge in connecting to yoga techniques. The book aims to allow children to have fun and motivation with the yoga methods presented.

Length: 107 pages. Price: 195 baht. It is a Health Clinic Book from the Amarin Group and is available in Nai-In Booksellers nationwide.

Yoga for Youngsters

A manual for parents wishing to bring simple yoga positions, relaxation massage, and bodily movements to use while playing with their young children. The book includes stories to tell and song to sing while performing yoga with one’s child. The methods can be used with children from as early as two months old to help their mental, physical, and emotional development as well as strengthen family bonds.

(Currently only available in Thai and out of stock) Length: 72 pages. Published by the Rukluk Company, Ltd. and available at SE-ED Book centers nationwide. ISBN9747150816 pages: 70 Length: 145 x 212 x 4 MM.

Montessori And Your Child

This iIIustrated manual help parents of young children (not just Montessori parents) understand and assist in the growth of their children

What is your child really like? What does your child need? How can you help your child? These are the questions asked in the first three sections of Montessori and Your Child. In answer, the author presents the world through the eyes of a child, with its own particular requirements, which are different from those of adults. Practical suggestions for materials useful in the home are offered along with observation about child development. A fast section describes the best in preschool education from the Montessori point of view.

The author is an experienced Montessori teacher. The translator is an experienced Montessori educator; both have included a helpful bibliography for parents (Thai Translation).

Book lengths: 145x210x7 mm, pages 112

ISBN 978-974-998886-2

Yoga For pregnancy women

How to take care of the mind and body before and during pregnancy, as well as during and after child birth. This guide adapts many techniques and philosophy of yoga and tai chi for the parents. Examples are: working with attitude, healthy eating and living, breathing exercises, relaxation techniques and gentle, safe and simple postures movement that match with different timing of the parent. How to deal with stress and hormone changes during pregnancy. And the benefit of practicing for the mom and her child.

Also includes some techniques to deal with painful and challenging moments. Book Length: 145x 210 mm.

Yoga for Children’s Meditation

An avenue for yoga practice geared to children ages 7 to 12 years old. The book gives knowledge through drawing analogies between yoga positions and adorable things in nature, as well as promoting imagination and knowledge about nature and the environment. The yoga in this book helps children to be strong and have good concentration toward their studies. (Currently only available in Thai.)

Length: 76 pages

ISBN: 9786160000524

Turning into Yoga Kids

This book invites children ages 2 to 7 to practice yoga by following a story. The book is illustrated and can be used by children who can not yet read, but who can look at the pictures and imitate the positions of the animals (two languages).

This four-color, adorably illustrated, hard-cover book is 34 pages in length and is published by the Yosuda Company, Ltd. The book is priced at $20.

ISBN: 9749196872

Book orders: can be ordered from the Yosuda Company, Ltd. Contact at +66 (0) 2-931-0303. Or order from Kessuda directly in America.

Mindfulness Yoga (Yoga of Consciousness)

How to bring mindfulness into yoga practice. The book, which is a reflection of the author’s own experiences, emphasizes raising mindfulness and consciousness through yoga philosophy and techniques. Yoga of Consciousness is geared to learners of all levels, from those just beginning study of yoga to those who have already completed deep study.

(Currently only available in Thai.) Four- color, Length186 x 200 x 17mm, 256 pages. ISBN : 9786160023684 :


Mindfulness Yoga therapy

CD for health and relaxation ( Thai)

This video is targeted for those wishing to learn yoga by themselves. It introduces the important principles of practice, in a detailed, understandable way, the same as learning in the classroom with a teacher. It is easy and appropriate for beginners, and those who are stiffer, older, or weaker and who wish to loosen and relax their bodies while understanding yoga more deeply.

Length: 3 -disk set, 60 minutes each: 350 baht, Thai only.

Yoga for Youngsters

VCD… for babies two months old and up.

This video introduces yoga practice to young children ages two months and older through simple methods emphasizing relaxing touch. It also introduces yoga techniques adapted to assist in the muscular development of children in this age group in order to stimulate the child’s mental and physical development. The exercises help improve the baby’s excretory system, circulatory system, and to improve the health and disposition of the child by relaxation. The video is also of particular use for developmentally challenged children.

Length: 50 minutes. Price: 250 baht,Thai only.

Both videos can be purchased directly from the Yosuda Company, Ltd. (02) 938-3896 [+66-2- 938-3896 internationally]) Special Price