Do yoga Practitioners need to be a vegetarian?

Do yoga practitioner need to be a vegetarian?
Q : Do we need to be a vegetarian when we are practicing yoga?
A : It is not necessary but people who practice yoga often choose a vegetarian diet to support their yoga practice and for better health.
People have different reasons for making this choice.
A main reason and a neutral one is that it is good for your body.
Overall proposes that yoga practitioners who are vegetarians, have given these reasons:
– Having food from lower on the food chain is the best way to support nature
– Plants can photosynthesize: the more you eat, the more you get good energy directly from nature (life force)
– Vegetables reduce risk of disease.
– Some believe eating meat is one form of violence and yoga philosophy teaches about Ahimsa that mean non- violent
– Eating vegetables is easy for digestion

Food is one of the main influences on our mind, body and emotion. The more we eat, the more we gain weight, have a heavy body. Eating vegetables helps to calm your mind and lighten your body.

You can begin to practice yoga if you are not a vegetarian yet. If you want to change you can do it gradually.
Observing your body and learning from it will be the best way to find the right answer. Please make sure you get enough nutrition because poor nutrition hurts your body and conflict between your attitude and your body is a form of violence. Be gentle and kind with your body is our main goal for practicing yoga.

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