“Lamthran” the Stream of Love

Last year I watched a film titled “The Last Samurai”. There was one scene that impressed me, which was the moment the leading actor was dying. During the last breathe of his life, he saw a leaf falling onto earth. He said, ‘Perfect.’ Then, he died quietly.

The Samurais in the Bushido tradition of the Japanese Emperor fought and did their duties with dignity and honor. They regard death as a minor thing but dignity as an important matter. “Death is as light as a feather” – it is not as scary as losing the dignity.

It was like me when I was avoiding and refusing to have a boyfriend or to have a child. Although I was confident in love my fear of Dhukka and obligations of a partnership stopped me from tying myself down with someone. I was afraid of my own demand and of the society that would make my child and me suffer. Although I understand and was aware of the meaning of love, I still feel incomplete about an ordinary life. My love was still an abstract thing.

Then, I discovered a perfect love when I became a mother. It is the same feeling as the one that touches my heart when my mind is peaceful and relaxed from practicing breathing and yoga and when I hold my child. I sense the oneness with all the mothers in the world. I am happy and appreciative to understand life more. It is a direct experience that cannot be found merely from imagination. Nature has built motherhood in an amazing way. It gives tenderness, flexibility, strengths and tolerance to women.

Nature builds mothers so that they have the ability to give lives, to create the world, to raise little beings to grow and beautify. Mothers have to go through many pains and much tolerance each day before children are independent. Although it is tiring, I feel that it is like the fight of the Samurai. I have to be brave to fight with the weakness within, be patient, be listening and be conscious to detect the waves of.
I learn and am ready to improve all the time so that I will not regret. Then, nature gives me the reward that comforts my heart.

Children are goodness, beauty, cheerfulness and braveness. They are good teachers for their parents. If I open to learning, my child teaches me to learn to nurture the love in my heart so that it can grow. Mothers are the great source of streams of love that does not discriminate against castes, races, religions, sizes of the body, colors of skin – the same way that streams of water go everywhere. I named my daughter ‘Lamtarn (stream)’ to be a symbol of love, to remind myself and my daughter. I want a peaceful society and a good one for me and her. I cannot demand from anyone – I must do it by myself.

Love is a state of peace. We have to know how to use and develop that love further. With love, I will be as gentle and calm as the stream. I use the mindfulness and tranquility to suppress the turmoil. With love, mothers give time to their children, listen to them and do things with them. With love, mothers dare to change and correct the weaknesses – be they anger, suspicion, irritation, fault-finding attitude, bad-temper, jealousy or stubbornness. True love does not let us down nor make us sad or cry – because that is the demand for ourselves.

I realized that love exists not only in the head and heart but also in practice, in order for it to work and bring the great energy for mother and child. Everyday I do it, every time I yield the reward. We do not know what the future will bring because I live for the present. If I have to die today, there will be nothing to feel sorry about. The departure would be like a falling leave I saw in the Samurai movie and the new leaves would certainly grow.

With hope and quiet expectation…..the greatest streams of love of all mothers will become the strong sources of love in the hearts of their mothers. This will grow and will blossom in every corners of the earth – humid or dry. With the strong seeds, love will grow when sun and rain come and transform it into seedlings. The society of peace, absence of war and beauty can be created by the hands of the mothers who tend to their duties in a dignified manner.

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