Letting go of our breath is the art of life

The circle of life has a rhythm – trees drop their leaves and must wait to put forth new buds in spring. Some animals slough to replenish new skin and become stronger. Our body feels lighter and refreshed through our nourishment and digestive systems. We are very much alive when we are able to breathe in, and breathe out.Our body is like a home. We can bring new things to our house if we have enough space.

Space is a necessity for life. Consider the respiratory system, which is a necessity for life.. Oxygen metabolizes nutrients into energy and is a kind of nourishment for our cells. With short and shallow breathing, our body will receive less oxygen, reduce our ability to remove carbon dioxide and will produce too much lactic acid. This makes our body weak and has less ability for restoration and recovery. All of these conditions may lead to poor health. For example, people who are near death usually have shorter than normal out breaths (This phenomenon is beautifully referenced in the book ” Tuesday with Morris “ by Mitch Albom)

For normal breathing we receive 500 cubic centimeters of air. Practicing deep and long breathing, we will receive more air sent into our lungs by 6,000 cubic centimeters. When we breathe in our body receives 21 % oxygen. Oxygen rids the body of toxins such as carbon dioxide. Breathing out naturally, we will still have 2,400 cubic centimeters of air in our lungs. But if we can exhale fully, there will only be about 1,100 cubic centimeters of air left.

For this reason, the longer we breathe out, the more our body can get rid of waste airs and the more space our lungs will have to receive oxygen.

In my yoga practice and teaching we always practice “pranayama”, or breathing exercise, to develop the ability of breathing out longer than breathing in.

(If you are Interested in learning to practice these techniques, please contact me:yosudabliss@gmail.com )

In addition to benefiting the body, long breathing, works directly with the emotions and nervous systems. If you can get the Parasympathetic nervous system working, your body will become more relaxed. It improves blood circulation, muscles release and relax,and the digestive system works better. It reduces tension, anxiety and worry. Daily, practice will develop concentration, motivation, self awareness, consciousness, sensitive soul, more strength, more awareness of strong negative emotions. This can lead to peacefulness.

This breathing technique is a part of the art of living. For filing your life with good energy, we can clear space by letting go and releasing. We can release our attachment to our beliefs, thinking and emotions. We can let go of the past, which brings us negative emotions that affect our health. Non-attachment to our knowledge brings us to new learning while habitual actions lead to relationship problems and sickness.

We need to clean up things in our house or office that are not useful or that we never use to create an oasis. We will spend less time looking after them. It will help us have more time for activity that improves our life.

Life means change, circulation and transition.

We are always breathing in and breathing out.

Every day we pass through the night into morning.

Our time in this world is limited.

How will you decide to live your life?


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