From fine sand to a beautiful beach….

Our lives are like fine grains of sand that carry their own value, whether or not we discover that value. Some of us are never aware of our own potential while some contribute greatly to serving those around them.

When we are young, we do not know much about our own capability. Our understanding grows as we get older. Families are an important place for self transformation.

Love gives great energy for the formation of these fine grains of sand. All children and adults cannot do without it. It very much depends on the interaction between parents and adults and children that make us the kind of a person we are today – gentle, understanding, giving, harsh, rough or indifferent.

Love is not just a definition that we use as an excuse to take sides or protect ourselves. But, love is an action that is founded on dedication to our duties. Love prevents us from taking advantage of others and ourselves, and teaches us to prevent ourselves from abuse. Love is an action that is gentle, full of mercy, humble, preserving and forgiving. With love, we build confidence and hope in people and things around us. Sharing love is not just a thought but a feeling from the heart, which will become powerful when translated into action.

In the community of tsunami volunteers at Khao Lak Nature Resort, we can sense the air of love, which is powerful, sharing, nurturing and compassionate regardless of nationality, religion, sexe and age. It is a place where we learn and are trained to build our capacity, the power of giving and receiving, as well as team work.

These beautiful fine grains of sand are pouring together here. I met a lovely Thai person who was born and grew up in Narathiwas and went to the USA at the age of 16. Khun Cherd Chueprasertnampol, now 56 years old, and his son Simon or Suriya Nampol (23 years old) live in Gulfport, Mississippi. Khun Cherd is Engineering Manager and Field Engineering Manager at Altronic Inc. and Gas Technologies Inc. He is married to an American and has three children. The first child graduated in the medical technical field. The second child, Simon, studied at Higher Education Aviation School where he now works as General Manager. Simon is able to save up and support his parents. He is a pride of his family. The third child is still studying.
It is the first time for Simon to come to Thailand and he was full of excitement and enthusiasm. He was happy to be part of the fine sand. Khun Cherd was moved by the devastation created by the tsunamis and was not able to sleep for several days. He decided to take leave from his work to come to Thailand.

Since tsunamis the shared loss of the Thais in the South were in the world community, the company where K Cherd is works agreed that he could come to Thailand without having to use his leave days. The company also paid for his travel. His colleagues gathered a sum of over 1,000 USD and the owner of the company, Mr Bruce Beeghly, donated another 1,000 USD.

Aside from Khun Cherd, there is a Thai volunteer from the UK, Khun Malini (Makhampom) na Takuatung, who also got the same kind of support from her company. Khun Makhampom has lived in the UK for over 30 years and still has a strong bond with her home country. The voluntary work is honourable and valuable.

At this volunteer center, we saw the father and the son (Khun Cherd and Simon) here and there busy and sweating with manual tasks at different corners. They tackled every possible job, especially mechanical work. They fixed toilets and water pumps, contacted military people for help, built furniture, cleaned the temple and the drainage canals, translated documents and interpreted when necessary. They worked like twins, with much energy and enthusiasm. Simon is very proud to be the son of his father and he is following his father’s path. He learned mechanics skills from his father and was able to fix a car at the age of 6. His father is his hero. He learns the good things from his father; his parents give him love unconditionally.
Khun Cherd is building a strong person out of Simon. His wife is a very devoting woman as she left her job to be a full time mother and teach the children by herself. She has the love of her husband and is ready to give this energy of love to her children. Khun Cherd not only does his duties as father but also handled the delivery of Simon because his wife wanted to give birth at home and to have the father do the delivery. Khun Cherd did this job well.

If we compare Simon with young men of the same age (23), he is one of the successful cases. He has what he needs materially and can support his parents, who have cultivated in him the sense of sharing and community serving. For the past five years, during school vacations, Simon volunteered to help disadvantaged people. Khun Cherd took Simon with him to Thailand so that Simon would always think of those who are less fortunate. This is the thought that brought Khun Cherd to Thailand, as he used to have a hard life before.

When our lives have improved, we should not forget our own roots and the feelings of those who still suffer, sad and poor.

When Khun Cherd talks about his son, his eyes brighten with happiness, hope and a strong will. Simon is the same when he refers to his father. Khun Cherd said that what he has got now as a father is because of the love he and his wife give to their children. They never cease to create in their children good conscience and show them good examples. Children learn from adults’ actions, not from their words. Adults should review this often.

Khun Cherd said that since he comes to volunteer at Khao Lak, where the destruction is the greatest in Thailand, he has done what his heart was telling him to do. He has met people with the same mind. On the first day of arrival, he was sad and depressed. Now he can sleep well again. His eyes are radiant with happiness and liveliness. We can feel the pride of this couple of father and son.

This is not the only lovely family we can find here. I as a mother feel for other parents who may want to create valuable grains of sand in their children. Whatever grain of sand you are, in whatever corner or colour, here is a stage where everybody can learn to uplift the quality of life from being a giver.

The satisfaction of giving love has multiple effects. The more you give the more content you are. The happiness of a family is judged from their unity, compassion, harmony and understanding of how to give and to receive.

This is a path of growth to become shiny grains that sparkle wherever they are. One grain multiplies to hundreds, thousands, and millions. They will continue to shine on this earth and in the heart of the doers and those who cross their paths.

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